How to Transform a Simple White Blouse into 5 Different Outfits


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How often do you look into your closet and think, “I have NOTHING to wear!”? For me, it’s almost every day that I am getting myself dressed. Well, today is your lucky day! We are here to show you how to transform a simple white button-up blouse into 5 different outfits. With fashion in general, if you combine your clothing right, it will never look like you are wearing the same article of clothing. With a blouse in particular, you can roll up or roll down the sleeves, leave it tucked in, tucked out, or half and half. Here are 5 easy ways to transform that plain white blouse into different fun and flirty outfits.


Casual Daytime

Let’s start off easy and casual. If you are looking for a simple and casual summer day outfit, try pairing your white blouse with a pair of ripped jeans. Roll up the sleeves ¾ length, and leave the blouse un-tucked. Rock your favourite comfy sneakers and you’re good to go!

Casual Date Night

To spice up the casual day-time look, switch your ripped jeans and sneakers for some dark blue skinny jeans and colourful heels. The heels will make your utfit pop with colour and add some fun to your outfit. Keep your sleeve length at ¾, but try loosely tucking in just the front of the blouse.

Working Mom

That same white blouse can be worn at work, too. For a more tailored look, combine it with a pair of dressy trousers and a fitted blazer. For this look, you will want to tuck the blouse in completely, and button up to an appropriate height for work.

All White Affair

This blouse doesn’t necessarily need to be paired with a blazer to look professional enough at work! Ditch the jacket, and combine with white trousers. Try buttoning up the blouse all the way to the top, roll the sleeves down entirely, and loosely tuck in the blouse all around your waist. This all-white look is great for summer style.

It’s Party Time!

Pair that same plain blouse with a flared midi skirt for a fun and flirty party look. Loosely tuck your blouse into the skirt all the way around and roll the sleeves up ¾ length. Add some fun statement jewelry to complete the look.

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