20 Small Habits that will Transform Your Life for the Better


1. Drink Water before Each Meal

Drinking water prior to eating both hydrates the GI tract and reduces your chance of overeating. You’ll digest better and feel more full!

2. Get Up at the Same Time Every Day

Your body should begin to function like clockwork. The signals your body sends to go to the washroom and get ready for bed should come naturally at the same time every day.


3. Do Something for Yourself, By Yourself, Every Day

Whether it’s meditating, reading, or practicing your hobby, always set aside time for yourself. This way you can give more of yourself to others where it counts.


4. Ask More Questions

At work, with your kids, spouse, or friends, asking questions forces you to be present in every moment. There is always more to know and it will help you transform your life. 


5. Make your Bed Every Morning

Coming home to a tidy room should not be underestimated. This simple act can make a big difference at the end of a long day.


6. Always Cook Enough for Extras

If you’re already putting effort into a meal, you might as well make enough for tomorrow! Storing leftovers the night before a particularly busy day can be a lifesaver.


7. Only Buy Things that Need Replacing

Don’t waste money on things you already own. Having five different brands of the same product is inefficient and confusing.


8. Be Aware of Potential Gifts When Shopping

There’s nothing worse than buying a gift just for the sake of buying a gift. Keep your eyes peeled for things your friends and family would like, and save them for a special day!


9. Keep off Electronic Devices At least an Hour before Bed

The bright light is too stimulating, not to mention the stress inducing content you may be reminding yourself of. If you need to write down a thought, use a pen and paper.


10. Take the Stairs

If you see stairs and you have the time, use them! Get your body moving whenever you can.


11. Write Down Your Thoughts

The act of writing something down is relaxing in itself. It provides you with a sense of control and can reduce anxiety instantly. Keep a journal of the journey to transform your life. 


12. Exercise Every Day

Being active is essential for maintaining a healthy heart and functional body. Exercise is even good for your mindset and can be a natural stress releaser.


13. Designate Work Sessions

Distractions are everywhere, but if you plan timed intervals of straight work with no phone breaks, your productivity will increase. An hour to an hour and a half is a good amount for these work sessions. Then take a break.


14. Plan Your Day the Night Before

Make your morning go smoother and get everything done that you intend to! Planning your daily tasks ahead of time gives you stress- reduced guidance and purpose throughout you day.


15. Visualize Your Goals Daily

When you visualize your goals each day, you gain motivation for the task at hand. Your reality and goals should line-up in some way and keep you on track to your best self!

16. Network Regularly

You never know when the person you met last week could fill you in about your dream job opening. Make a unique impression on everyone you meet with positive intent.


17. Have a Money Saving Moment Daily

Try to do one thing a day that will save you money like making coffee at home instead of stopping at Starbucks or bringing a lunch instead of buying one.


18. Try Something New

Do something you haven’t done before daily even if it’s as simple as exploring a new area around your work on your lunch break. Don’t limit yourself.


19. Listen to Music

Listening to your favourite artist or genre can always reset your focus and provide balance in your day.


20. De-Clutter Once a Day

No one needs 5 shampoo bottles in their shower. Get rid of things you don’t use regularly and de-clutter your mind in the process.

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