10 Surprising Calorie Comparisons You Can Learn From


Looks can be deceiving. Sometimes, what may look like a decently
healthy snack might as well be a chocolate bar. It can only help to be a little more aware of your caloric intake, and watch for the common culprits that so often trick you. By acknowledging surprising calorie comparisons like the ones below, you can start to reflect on the choices you make daily, and maybe incite the change you didn’t even know you needed!


1. Caramel macchiato 280 cal vs basic McDonald’s hamburger 240 cal

The sugar in the macchiato is enough to logically drive you to McDonald’s instead!


2. Keg Cesar Salad 340 cal vs Keg top sirloin 6 oz. 292 cal

The lettuce is merely just for a crunch. Its bacon, parmesan, and creamy dressing give salad a delicious, but bad name.


3. Avocado 227 cal vs Kraft Peanut Butter 2 tbsp 180 cal

Avocado toast might as well be peanut butter toast if you use the whole avocado.


4. Dynamite sushi roll 370cal vs. 2 medium Pizza Pizza Cheese Slices 360

Both are delicious, but don’t think that sushi is necessarily always the better choice.


5. Minute Maid Orange Juice 8 fl oz. 110 cal vs Coca-Cola 8 fl oz. 100 cal

Sugar is sugar, even if there’s an orange on the carton.

6. Nature Valley Oats n honey 210 cal Subway Chocolate Chip Cookie 200 cal

Again, sugar comes in many shapes and sizes. If you need a cookie, a granola bar won’t save you.


7. Panera Bread Bowl of Vegetarian Creamy Tomato Soup 990 cal vs. Panera Large Mac & Cheese 980 cal

The words “Vegetarian” and “tomato” aren’t enough to undo its bread encasing.


8. Tim Horton’s Blueberry Muffin 340 cal vs. Tim Horton’s Potato Wedges 210 cal

Blueberry muffins are far from innocent. They’re worse than half the donuts, too.


9. Chipotle Veggie Burrito Bowl 730 cal vs. Taco Bell Beef Burrito Supreme 410 cal

Serving sizes make a difference.


10. Spinach Is In It Booster Juice 380 cal vs. Subway Steak and Cheese Sub 380 cal

Spinach, or steak and cheese? It’s purely a matter of taste.

Perspective is key. Sugar, “hidden” fats, and portion sizes can often lead you astray. With examples like these, the importance of being critical is proven to pay off.


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