5 Great Smartwatches for Kids


When we think of smartwatches it’s not unusual for Apple’s line to come to mind as most prominent, but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily the best or only choices, particularly when it comes to kids. But why even buy a smartwatch for child? Well, turns out there are many reasons. Smartwatches for kids can be educational tools, activity trackers, and GPS locators, depending on the model. Some can provide entertainment for your kids, others can teach them organizational skills and others still can help you keep track of them and make sure that they’re safe and healthy. So, what are those smartwatches? Well, here’s a selected list for you to have look:

1. Leap Band

A smartwatch focused on smaller children, Leap Band is a very interesting product that stimulates physical activity, active playing, and healthy eating. This activity tracker comes with several games and challenges for the kids, as well as a few options for customization. Children can choose between eight “pets” to serve as their virtual friends, and they interact with those pets by caring for them and playing with them in ways that try to make the child get up and have fun in active ways like dancing, jumping, and exercising. At a price of $35 on Amazon, Leapband is recommended for young children between four and seven years of age and it seems like a great idea for parents wanting to engage their young kids in more physical activities.

2. Kidizoom Smartwatch

Now this one is also mostly a toy, but it’s aimed at older kids and it offers a lot more tools to play with. The first thing that stands out is its camera that allows to take photographs and to and record videos, both of which can be stored in the watch’s internal memory. Other features include a calendar, calculator, voice recorder, customization options, and, a motion sensor which is employed in a few of its games. It also can access the internet to download more games and clock face designs. Overall, it’s a resilient, waterproof watch, and one of the best options available for children oriented smartwatches.

3. Orbo Kids

Yet another great pick, in many aspects, it’s similar to the Kidizoom Smartwatch and shares many of its features like inbuilt camera for filming and taking photographs, games and, in fact, it has more internal memory which allows for storing more videos and pictures. Another addition in comparison to the previous entry, is the capability of connecting to smartphones via Bluetooth which allows this smartwatch to answer incoming calls, though, it can’t make them so it’s a one-way road in this aspect. It doesn’t seem to be waterproof, however, but other than that it’s a great option for smartwatches for kids.

4. Caref

Another tracking oriented smartwatch, Caref GPS Phone Watch is an interesting tool that allows parents to stay aware of their kids’ whereabouts. It can work as a phone too and it offers the options of both voice and text messages, as well phone calls. It’s pricier than the Gizmopal, but it does offer one more tool: the SOS button. The SOS button, when pressed, marks its location on the companion app and starts calling a list of important numbers. If the first one doesn’t answer, it automatically skips to the next until someone answers. It’s one of the best smartwatches for kids overall, but its downside is the price coupled with the required monthly data plan of $9.95 per month.

5. TickTalk 1.0S

A very complete, and very capable smartwatch. The TickTalk’s most recent version has everything that smartwatches for kids should have. It can serve as phone with a maximum of 13 saved contacts, it can track the wearer’s location both indoors and outdoors, it can send voice and text messages, and, as expected, it’s compatible with iOS and Android. It also comes with a few nice inbuilt features like being able to block unknown callers. All things considered, it’s one of the most complete GPS tracking smart watches and one of the most good-looking ones as well.


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