5 Healthy Switches for Common Pregnancy Cravings


Let’s not get confused, you call the shots when you catch a craving. But, if you want to consider trying slightly healthier versions of your favourite flavours and textures, there are options. If you find yourself eating deep fried this, and cheesy that all week, a few tips on how to lower the calorie count couldn’t hurt. These 5 healthy switches will help improve the strongest of cravings during your pregnancy.

1. French Fries

Potato doesn’t have to be the enemy. When baked or boiled, potato is a good whole food option to get your carb fill. Keep your eye on the amount of sour cream or bacon bits you use to top it off. Exceed the suggested serving portions of your toppings, and you might as well eat the fries!

2. Chicken Wings

Sink your teeth into some cauliflower wings instead. No, they aren’t the good old chicken wings you know, but they give the same spice and crisp you seek when you crave wings. Give them a try, and get some veggies in your system while you’re at it.

3. Deep Fried Pickles

Deep fried pickles are a very common craving because of their super salty flavour. The breading only amplifies the crunch and adds depth to an already optimal flavour. Simply eliminating the deep fried aspect of this one is a simple enough switch. Crunching into a pickle straight out of the jar is the ultimate salty satisfaction when you think about it!

4. Hot Dogs with Mustard and Sauerkraut

What goes best with sauerkraut and mustard? Cylindrical meat! Use the same toppings and flavours, but switch the hotdog for a veggie dog. Skip out on the bun too and get your carbs elsewhere. All you’re actually craving is likely the sauerkraut anyway.

5. Ice Cream

When you think of classic cravings, ice cream is sure to come to mind. This one you can get creative with. Blend some very ripe frozen bananas and use this as your banana ice cream  base. Add almost anything you want depending on the flavour. Cocoa powder, raw almonds, raw coconut, peanut butter, the list goes on. The banana gives a great smooth, flavourful consistency; just eat it before it melts!

By no means should you completely ignore your cravings. Coming up with alternatives is simply a way to feel a little better while indulging! Which cravings do you have a soft spot for?

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