Your Port Hope Weekend with the Kids, Awaits.


Are you still looking for a unique weekend getaway to take advantage of the last month of summer? A Port Hope weekend is sure to satisfy. Port Hope makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors while still stopping to enjoy the new scenery. Whatever your pace, there’s always something that will suit your need for venturing out of the city. Enjoy every facet of life from the farms, to local entertainment, and of course the Port Hope restaurants and cafes. Take a look at what’s waiting for you!

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The beautiful Laveanne is a lavender farm in Campbellcroft, Port Hope that offers more than just spilling fields of lavender. Explore an assortment of natural lavender beauty products in the gift shop, sweet and savoury lavender treats in their pop-up restaurant, book a photo session in the fields, or partake in some morning yoga in the middle of the purple sea.  Be sure to snap a picture or two at this place, you’ll be glad you did.

Now might be a good time to check in to McBurney Hill House Bed and Breakfast, located just an 8 minute drive from Laveanne. This renovated ranch caters to your palate and offers a variety of gluten free and vegan recipes. Enjoy the lounge, sun terrace, poolside gazebo, and back deck at your leisure. You don’t have to leave the lavender behind, completely!

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For a Bed and Breakfast downtown, closer to the water, Summer Hill Manor B&B is the perfect alternative. This quaint British heritage home has a Victorian tea room!

Continue your farm life ventures at Dancing Bee Equipment Port Hope. Why not be a beekeeper for a day and take one of the honey extracting workshops offered in the month of August.  Pick up some beeswax and candle wicks to get crafty at home!

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If you’re up for it, visit Ganaraska Forest and partake in the infamous tree-top trekking experience. For something a little calmer, take a hike or opt for a leisurely horseback ride.

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Finish your action packed day with some well-deserved indulgence at Port Hope’s Trattoria Gusto. You’ll be nice and tired after a long day of fresh air and a big bowl of delicious pasta (gluten free option available).

Reserve your day 2 for winding down. Start it off with a trip to the Port Hope Farmers’ Market (after your breakfast, of course) open from 8-12 on Saturdays.

Then stop by the AGON.  Let the kids build while you enjoy the artwork of the local Northumberland County.

You might also want to stop by Impresario Artisan Market for some crafted originals and gifts.

Make an event out of your night. Stop for a play at Capitol Theatre. Beauty and the Beast is in theatres Aug 8-Sept 10!

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After the show, get a late night treat at Dreamers Café to really make your escape a sweet one!

On your next weekend getaway – try heading west for a change!


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