Top 8 Mommy & Baby Activities in Toronto by Area


Spending time with your baby does not have to mean hours of passive observation. Every moment you spend with your newborn should be as collaborative as you want it to be, while keeping your mental and physical stimulation in mind. Here are 8 establishments that recognize the balance of mother-baby bonding.


Mommy and Baby Fitness Workout and Play – North York

With a location at Ross Lord Park during the summer, this outdoor stroller fitness group is a great way to get fresh air with your baby and focus on your own conditioning. There are a number of other classes available including pilates, as well as indoor activities in the fall.

Stars and Strollers – Yonge and Eglinton

Catch a movie in a baby-friendly environment. The theatre is cool, the volume is lowered, and there is ample room for strollers. Most kid friendly movies these days are just as enjoyable for adults!



Mamma Dances – Danforth

Strap your baby on tight and get creative. Mamma Dances at the Yoga House is perfect for releasing feel good energy with your little one along for the ride.

Yoga Babies and Family Yoga – Leslieville

Yoga Mamas offers yoga classes for moms, mother and child, mother and baby, and for the whole family. Why not try relaxing with your baby for a change?



Water Babies – Baldwin Village

Take a dip and begin your baby’s familiarity with the water. These classes are popular throughout the city, but can be found not too far from the heart of downtown Toronto at Beverly Public School.

AGO Hands on Centre – Downtown

Get creative in a more hands on way at the AGO. Go with a fellow mom and spend half your day building and storytelling, and the other exploring the art galleries for yourself.



Oaks n’ Acorns – Junction

Schedule a coffee and playdate at this made for moms café . Get your babies set up in the play space, then have a seat at the café and catch up with a friend.

The Children’s Storefront – Little Italy

Spend a day at the Children’s Storefront where you and your infant can eat, engage in a cooking or food related workshop, and attend the Storefront outdoor festivities!


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