5 Books to Master Your Life at Work and Home


When the responsibilities of your professional and family life start to butt heads, keep calm! There is always time to put energy into both, despite what many might say. In times like these, a few tips and tricks on how to better manage your time at work and with the family are always useful. These five books keep your goals in mind, help you master your life at work and home and make the balancing act a little easier.

1. The Sweet Spot: How to find your groove at work and at home

Christine Carter shares the daily practices and life changes that have worked for her as a mother busy with work and family. With a focus on efficiency, using technology as a means to save energy, and converting stress in to productive energy, Carter presents a less overwhelming approach to a professional motherhood and a more balanced life at work and home.



2. What Happy Working Mothers Know: How New Findings in Positive Psychology can lead to a Healthy and Happy Work/Life Balance.

Greenberg and Avigdor provide a scientific and interactive take on balancing both roles by first urging the mother’s care for herself first. Positive psychology practices are discussed to shift mentalities toward workplace success and can be used interchangeably with family life. The case studies they present of real working mothers also help to create scenarios you can apply to your own life.



3. TILT- 7 Solutions to Be a Guilt-Free Working Mom

Written by a working mother herself, Marci Fair gives a realistic and heartfelt perspective on “tilting” to balance work and family. Fair provides over 100 tips for the most common challenges working mothers encounter. When striving to be involved in every moment of family life, her focus lies in prioritizing what will transcend childhood. This book is both practical and relatable.



4. I Know How She Does It

Laura Vanderkam focuses her time management expertise on the working lives of women in this data based guide toward efficiency. Laura uses real time logs of how successful women use their time, and bases her tips off of this lifestyle. Splitting work shifts to spend time with children in between, making any time together “quality time”, and utilizing a cleaning service are just a few ways to be present in both worlds.



5. Maxed Out

Katrina Alcorn uses her past struggle of balancing work and family life to inform her turn around that many other mothers can learn from.  With research and data on the lack of accommodation of parental needs in so many workplaces, Alcorn paints a picture of how to overcome these specific inconveniences in a healthy, more fulfilling way.



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