The Know It All Guide: Leslieville Rentals, Restaurants, Schools, Shops, and More!


Leslieville, just East of the Don River and West of Coxwell Avenue, is a friendly Eastside region you may have heard of. It has become quite a popular destination for young families, and the reason for its appeal is no secret. Leslieville Toronto Rentals offer more than just affordable rates compared to central locations. Its neighbourhood charm is amplified by the many Leslieville restaurants and shops that span a wide variety of tastes and interests. Take a look into the world of a Leslieville local.

Leslieville Toronto Rentals and Rates

According to the Toronto Real Estate Board, the cost of buying a Leslieville home in 2016 averaged at $887,078. Meanwhile, an apartment or condo averaged at $574,863. At this time, there was about an even split of owners (51%) and renters (49%). Compare this to owning property in the Beaches, where the average house listing is $1,513,813. If buying is not of your interest, renting is the way to go. Current rentals can be expected to range anywhere from $1200-$2500 for a 2 bedroom space. Start your search!

Leslieville Elementary Schools

Bruce Public School just north of Eastern Avenue on Larchmount Ave is a great lower mid-west option.  This elementary school teaches Kindergarten to 8th grade, unlike Leslieville Junior Public School right on Leslie Street. Teaching Kindergarten to 6th grade, Junior Public School is a perfect northern central location. If you’ve been looking for a more progressive teaching style that challenges standardized curriculum, Equinox Holistic School is for you. The school is based in 7 learning principles that focus on artistic practices, community involvement, and mind-body connection. Kindergarten is based in an outdoor teaching style, and classes go up to 8th grade. This one’s on the far northeastern side of Leslieville, on Hiawatha road.

Parks of Leslieville

One of the most popular recreational spaces, Leslie Grove Park, is home to a baseball diamond, wading pool, and playground. It’s also great for a midday rest with some good company.

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Greenwood Park is another great green space with two lit baseball diamonds, a sports field, an off-leash dog area, community garden, splash pad, playground, and an outdoor pool. Despite its action packed utility, it still has a serene simplicity. The best of both worlds.

Leslieville Restaurants

Eastside Social

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Stop by between 5:30 and 9:30 for some seafood, craft beer, and cocktails, al fresco!

Ascari Enoteca

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If you like wine, pasta, and dinner in general, you’ve found the right place. Pasta is made fresh daily in house.

Lady Marmalade

The hottest brunch spot in Leslieville. Make sure you get there early for the sake of your eggs benny!

Skin + Bones

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Brunch and dinner are great, but with dainty desserts like these, no one can keep their hands off.

Leslieville Bakery Shops

Sweet Bliss Baking Company

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Have you ever heard of a butter tart square? You have now.

Bobbette & Belle

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This beautiful bakery is perfect for an afternoon treat or for placing an elaborate cake order.

Brick Street Bakery

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No need to head to Distillery when you have a Brick Street in your Leslieville area!

Escape in Any of the Leslieville Coffee Shops

Tango Palace Coffee Company

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The décor is all in the name!

Te Aro

A must-visit café! Sit out on the patio or inside. The open concept garage door pull up style keeps every area breezy.

The Sidekick

Graphic novel readers and espresso drinkers unite. With board games and comics, the kids won’t be bored.

Leslieville Arts, Crafts, and Galleries

Arts Market

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Find crafty originals you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Drop in on your weekend stroll.

MJG Gallery  

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Get to know the artists in your community, or at least their work. This gallery offers occasional workshops and art history lectures.

Project Gallery

Socialize with like-minded people who enjoy Torontonian art. They are relocating to 1210 Dundas street East to a larger venue, and will have a brand new selection of art to showcase

Leslieville Transit

If you so happen to leave Leslieville (why would you?), your journey is as simple as it gets. The 501 street car and replacement bus heads straight down Queen Street to the downtown core, no transfers.

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