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It’s always hard to choose gifts for him. Maybe it’s for a friend, or a husband, or a relative, but, whatever the case is, there are so many options and so many places to look, it’s difficult to even know where to start especially in the busy lives we have nowadays. So, understanding this, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions for awesome gifts for him for you to have a look at. People have all sorts of different tastes and preferences, but from clothing accessories to electronics, we’re certain that at least one of these gifts for him will be just the right one.

Clothing Accessories


More than holding your trousers in place, belts look, very good. In fact, many men have grown to value them as an essential fashion accessory if you want to look elegant. Still, belts come in all shapes, prices, and sizes. If you have a belt in mind as a gift, consider the tastes of the person to be gifted, because the options are many. For a more simple and functional approach Nike’s 3 Pack Web is a great pick. The $25.99 pack comes with three different coloured military styled cotton belts; khaki, white, and black. If you think they would prefer a more expensive trio of belts you should consider purchasing the  $84 set. It includes a  white, gray, and navy blue belt. If you’re looking for something even fancier, there’s the beautiful Levi’s Men’s 40-mm Reversible Belt, a brown leather belt, and the PU Leather 125cm Black Belt. Both are stylish   , excellent quality belts, that would be great addition to any man’s wardrobe.


Since it’s summer everyone wants to go out and enjoy the sunlight while it lasts. The Carfia Polarized Sunglasses are a classic style and since they are polarized are even better at protecting your eyes in the sun of those that people would be willing to wear even indoors just because they’re so beautiful. Another great pair of shades is the Duduma Premium Classic Aviator Sunglasses, for those of prefer this style, or the Duco Men’s Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses, a charming set of sports sunglasses. Choosing between these three options depends on the tastes of the person who is being gifted, but all three are very well designed and certainly fulfill their purpose of protecting your eyes and making you look good.

Neck ties

An essential accessory for any well-groomed man who values dressing elegantly! Neckties come in a myriad of materials, colors, and designs, there are many available options, but Pahala’s box set, in particular, stands out as a perfect gift. On top of a necktie, the set includes matching cufflinks and tie bars, all neatly stored in a beautiful white package that’s all but begging to be offered as a gift to a loved one. There are eight designs to choose from, and at least one of them will certainly grab your attention.

Drinking Accessories

Drinking Glasses

Drinking is more than just consuming alcohol, it’s an experience, one which can be improved with the adequate set of glassware for the appropriate situation. Even when you’re not using them, an elegant set can be eye candy just in and of itself. If you think a set of drinking glasses could be the ideal gift for him, the Bormioli Rocco Selecta 7-Piece Whiskey Gift Set might just be it. The set comes with six whiskey glasses and one decanter, all of which are quite beautiful. The Russian Cut Crystal Glasses are more expensive but they compensate it by being an even more gorgeous set of glassware. Finally, Tossware’s 12oz Shatterproof Whiskey & Cocktail Glass offers a different approach. Despite the appearances, it’s not actually glass but shatter proof polymer, which seems like a very interesting feature for a nice set of whiskey glasses to have.


Decanters are a great gift for people who appreciate a good drink and the options available are numerous! There are some that are marketed specifically for whiskey, others that are designed for wine; some are straightforward and just functional, while others are more “gimmicky”. Final Touch Traditional Style Decanter is beautiful, and a bestseller in Amazon, but if you’re looking for a more stylized decanter, a good one is the Etched World Globe Decanter with Antique Ship, which, as the name describes it, is styled as a globe with an antique ship inside. It’s supported by a dark wood display and it looks enticing that even if you just use it as an ornament it stands out. All in all, it’s a great gift.

Can Openers and Corkscrews

Continuing on the theme of drinking accessories, it’s time to reach its logical conclusion. Amado’s Tool Kit presents itself as an ideal gift right away. It’s an elegant looking tool kit that combines usefulness and charm, and includes a rabbit wine opener, foil cutter, bottle cork, spare screw, and a stand for the set, all packed in a very pretty box. An even more elegant box, however, is the one containing Vina’s Wine Opener Tool Set. While the tools themselves are not as intricate as the ones found in Amado’s Toolkit, Vina’s compensates in quantity and presentation with its wonderful wooden box and it’s nine tools, including a wine opener, a bottle wrap cutter, a pour spout, a bottleneck drip protector, and a thermometer for wine temperature. Both sets make for great gifts for all kinds of occasions.

Wearable Gadgets

Bluetooth Headsets

Headsets are very useful if you want to make wireless mobile phone calls and enjoy the convenience they provide. Whatever the reason is, Fuleadture’s Bluetooth Headset is a very well rounded gadget. It has a comfortable design, good battery life, and the capability to pair with two smartphones simultaneously. All this for a decent price which makes this model stand out from the rest. Similarly, good choices include the Plantronics M165 and its more refined cousin the Plantronics 8730003. The three models are, however, all very good and are one of those things that can prove very useful to anyone.


Smartwatches are great gadgets that improve and build upon the experiences of smartphones. Apple’s models keep trying to steal the spotlight, but the truth is that there are some very good alternatives out there that can easily be a better choice depending on the person. LG’s Watch Style is one example of a very good smartwatch. It offers everything a smartwatch should have like smartphone compatibility, apps, water resistance, and it’s also one of the slimmest Android smartwatches by far. The Samsung Gear S3 Classic, on the other hand, works with a more classic visual while still delivering a lot in terms of content and performance.

Activity Tracker

The ultimate gadget companions for athletes or even people who enjoy exercising avidly is an  activity tracker. They help you monitor your step count, quality of sleep, and your heartbeat so that you can keep track of maintaining a healthy lifestyle more easily. If he’s into that, maybe you should consider the Samsung Gear Fit 2. Apart from just looking amazing when strapped to your wrist, the Gear Fit 2, is an upgrade from its predecessor by being compatible with pretty much any smartphone. It also offers a good assortment of apps and comes with 4GB of memory, which allows you to transfer music to it. Other good products include the Fitbit models, like Blaze Fitness Watch and the Alta Fitness Tracker, all of which are great tools for exercising.

Personal Electronics


These little portable computers are amazing tools for anyone, be it for work or entertainment purposes. Apple’s tablet like the new iPad 2017 or the iPad Pro are obvious choices, and indeed they remain the best in market. The 2017 model is particularly eye catching for its very reasonable price coupled with its good quality and performance. For alternatives, perhaps you should consider the Asus ZenPad 3S, a capable tablet with a 9.7 inch screen and one of the best with the Android system. It doesn’t pack quite as much power as its Apple competitors, but it’s also cheaper so there’s a cost benefit relation to consider here.

Kindle and other E-readers

At first glance, the uninformed might mistake the Kindle for a tablet and ask “why not buy an iPad instead?”. E-readers, however, are exceptional devices specialized in reading and offers a much more comfortable experience than reading on other electronic devices, be it indoors in a dark room or outside under direct sunlight. For book lovers, the Kindle is a superb gift. It’s a very lightweight device with a battery that lasts several days and a screen that can cope with any type of lighting you’ll encounter. Kindle is of course the most famous, but notable alternatives include the Kobo Aura H2O, and Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight, all of which are great devices.

Wireless Speakers

For some occasions, it’s just better to use speakers rather than relying on headphones alone. For a music lover, wireless speakers are a great gift, and the selection available today is amazing. Some of the best products you may find on Amazon are the Bose SoundLink Mini II and the Sonos Play:1, both exceptional wireless speakers. Now, if he’s into outdoor activities like camping, however, the EcoXGear was designed specifically to be tough, very mobile, and waterproof so you can take it anywhere you want without any trouble whatsoever. All three are wireless and decently sized for you to place them anywhere in your home.

Office and Desk Accessories

Desk Lamps

Good lighting makes a world of difference when you’ve been sitting in your desk working for the past few hours and it starts to go dark. A good desktop lamp, like the AUKEY Desk Lamp, is a simple yet practical gift. It’s easily adjustable and it comes with several lighting presets for different situations, ranging from cooler to darker lights and comes with a USB plug for you to connect your smartphone and charge it. Another great and elegant design is the one offered by Saicoo LED Multi-Functional Desk Lamp, which is also offers adjustable lighting and a USB plug on top of having a larger LED lamp that covers a wider area.

Desk Accessories and Organizers

Desk organizers are a great way to keep your workspace neat and tidy, and some of them can be quite refined, like SONGMICS Bamboo Monitor Stand, which combines the functions of an organizer and a monitor stand in a single structure, with slots for everything, from cups to smartphones. A similar product is NATAMO Computer Monitor Riser, a more complex structure that allows you to organize your entire desk very efficiently while also offering a decent monitor stand.

Laptop Bed Tray

Truth be told, we don’t always use desktops to work with our computers and tablets. Far too often, the bed proves itself too irresistible, but soon the problem arises: it’s actually a bit uncomfortable to use your laptop in bed. Which is why laptop bed trays like the Sofia + Sam Multi-Tasking Laptop Bed Tray are such a great idea. This model prides itself as multi-tasking and, truth be told, that is exactly what it is. It has a place for you to fit your tablet, your laptop, and your smartphone; its top is adjustable so you raise your laptop at an angle to make it more comfortable. All in all, it’s a very good product, but if you’re looking for other choices, the HOMFA Bamboo Laptop Desk is pretty decent as well. While it doesn’t have the variety of supports the previous one does, it compensates by offering a cup-groove a little drawer for you to store small things like tablets and small books.

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