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Working abroad as a nanny was one of the greatest years of my life. Children never cease to amaze me and I could not have been any more thrilled with the family and children I was lucky enough to live with. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as it was for me to find such a perfect fit. There are so many different factors that must be taken into consideration on both ends of the spectrum before any final decisions are to be made.

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The interview

An interview for a nanny is much different than an interview would be for any other traditional job. Typically, when you go in for a traditional job interview, you are trying your best to showcase what professional skills you may have for the job. As a nanny, your best attribute is whether or not you can be a fun-loving and kind-hearted person to help raise someone else’s children. As a mother, I can understand that it takes a whole lot of trust to allow someone else to take care of your children. When I first spoke to the mother of the children I took care of, we vibed right off the bat. We had very similar interests and after an hour-long conversation, I knew that I would get along great with them as a family.

You want to look for someone who you can have a fluid conversation with without any hesitation. This conversation should not be awkward or forced by any means. Not only do you want someone who gets along great with your children, but you also want someone who is comfortable having conversations with you. If you aren’t on the same page with casual conversations, you might not be comfortable having the hard conversations that the job might include.

Asking the right question

I cannot stress this enough, you must ask the right questions. Prepare a few important questions that will give you a strong understanding of what the nanny truly wants out of the experience. You want someone to be a big sister (or brother) to your children, while also maintaining strict boundaries and rules for the children to follow. Talk about the main household rules and figure out whether or not they match up with how this potential nanny feels about childcare. There are so many different parenting techniques so it is super important that you start off on the same page. Often times, when children are exposed to different rules by different parental-figures, they tend to follow certain rules more loosely than others. Children need repetition enforced to ensure that they can recognize what you as a parent consider to be right and wrong actions.

Interact with the children

Lastly, it is imperative that you give this individual a chance to interact with your children. Children can sometimes be more intuitive than we give them credit for. Whether you may be interviewing via skype or in person, it is super important that you give the children the opportunity to meet their potential new nanny. It gives them the confidence to open up to someone new, while also giving you as a parent, a better understanding of how this nanny would vibe with your child(ren).

Coming from experience, being a nanny is one of the most unique and rewarding experiences one could ever live through.  Ultimately, you want to hire someone who will love and care for your children just as much as you do. As their mother, you will be able to know more than anyone else who would be the absolute best fit for them. I wish you the best of luck on your search, happy hunting!



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