From Day to Date-Night Look in 5 Easy Steps


No matter how much time you have to prepare for a date night, women tend to spend every last second of their time trying to get their best date night look. When you have a full closet of clothes, how can you possibly coordinate the perfect outfit? Stop what you’re doing, look in the mirror and see what you can do to change the outfit you’re already wearing. Here are 5 easy steps that you can take to change your day-time look to a date-night look!

Bold Makeup

When you go for a daytime makeup look, less is always more. As you become more and more busy as a mom, it’s easy to find yourself with minimal time in the morning to get your own self ready. Throw some mascara on, add a little bit of foundation and you’re good to go. When it’s time to transition into a date night look, a smoky eye is a fun and flirty way to dress up your look. If you are someone who isn’t so comfortable applying intricate eyeshadow, a nice bold lip is another great way to give your face some “wow” factor.

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Toss the flats!

If you are constantly on the go at work, you definitely do not want to be in anything other than flats. When it’s time to get ready for the night, toss the flats and put on a cute pair of high heels! Heels always make your legs 10x sexier and leave you feeling more confident.


Trade your blazer for fitted leather jacket

You spend all week trying to maintain a professional style, it’s alright to let loose for a night out on the town. A leather jacket will create an edgier look while sustaining your dressed-up style. A leather jacket is a staple fashion piece and looks amazing with almost anything!

Statement Earrings

Switch your simple studs in for larger statement earrings. Statement earrings draw more attention to your face and can bring more colour to your outfit! If you are wearing black, try wearing colourful earrings for a fun and flirty date night look.

Add accessories!

Without overdoing it, adding bracelets, rings, and a necklace is a trendy way to dress up your outfit. Silver and gold jewelry helps refine your look and doesn’t require much work to do so.

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