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We all know it’s good and healthy to have a fitness routine, but with things like work and taking care of children it’s hard to allocate some time to even start one, much less to go to a gym. So, sometimes we have to look for alternatives. And sometimes, these alternatives come with a bonus: they’re free!
The amount of YouTube fitness channels available today is astonishing, and they cover a very wide array of training routines. In this article, we selected seven best youtube fitness channels that we think can help you set that daily work out you’ve been planning.



This channel offers a diverse collection of videos with tips and workout exercises in the form of video classes. The quality of the videos produced and the great presentation by host Anna Renderer, always booming with enthusiasm, make the videos very engaging. Most videos aren’t very long, rarely lasting much longer than 20 minutes, which means they don’t take too much of your time, but are still long enough to be fairly thorough and easy to follow. Still, if you have the time and you want to invest a good hour of exercising, there are plenty of longer videos too in this fun and versatile fitness channel.



Presented by the certified, and very passionate, fitness instructor Cassey Ho, this channel is focused on providing a steady source of excellent quality Pilates workout videos. And it does a wonderful job at that. The happy and energetic presentation quickly draws you into the rhythm of the weekly videos, but there are also a few videos that focus on having a healthy lifestyle and they complement the whole experience quite neatly. Most videos are very short and very focused, and they really feel like a small, fun workout classes that you can do at home and at your own time.


Fitness Blender

With over 500 videos in its catalogue and a promise of new workouts every week, this channel created by the wife and husband team, the hosts Kelli and Daniel, presents you with an astounding diversity of videos, most of which between 20 and 30 minutes long. The videos are very straightforward as they go straight to the point of instructing you into the exercises and guiding you through them. The channel also offers several multi-week programs for viewers to follow and develop a steady routine.


Women’s Health

The YouTube channel for the Women’s Health magazine has videos concerning a multitude of subjects, but many of them include exercises and fitness tips. These videos are very short, with many of them being a minute long at most, and they work best as a source of tips and ideas than a walkthrough as the videos merely show workouts you can do, rather than guiding you through every single step. Still, the formula is great as a source of ideas for new things.


Be Fit

This channel provides you with a steady stream of energetic fitness classes for you to build your workout routine. This is one of the best youtube fitness channels, it is updated every week and the video library is incredibly large, with almost two thousand videos covering a varied list of exercises. Be Fit tries to bring the gym to your screen in the comfort of your home, and looking at the quality of its content it’s done a very good job so far. Yet another excellent way for you to get into fitness without having to visit a gym.


Yoga with Adriene

This yoga channel, presented by the titular Adriene, has weekly videos with all sorts of yoga exercises that go from the relaxing to the more fitness oriented ones. The videos average around 20 minutes in length, during which the host sets up a calm a relaxing mood before patiently instructing you into the poses involved one by one. There are new videos every week, but even not counting new content there’s a lot of content to be explored. Of note, program series, consisting of daily routines throughout a whole month, are a good way for beginners to get started.


Tara Stiles

Another yoga YouTuber, Tara Stiles’ channel is similar to Yoga with Adriene, offering video yoga sessions, usually around ten minutes long, that cater to both beginners and the more experienced practitioners. More than that, however, Tara Stiles also has a few videos with tips and recipes for people looking to start a vegan or vegetarian diet, as well as just health oriented content in general. More recently, she has started posting some videos of yoga routines with babies, with the support of her own baby girl of course. If anything, do check those out simply because they are so adorable.

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