Millennial Job Security

How to Start a Family in the Reality of Millennial Job Security

Millennials have been given quite a few unfavorable labels by Baby Boomers. Lazy, entitled slackers who would rather live in Mom’s basement than get a job – and a life. How could one possibly start a family living underground with a growing double chin from looking at a screen all day? First of all, let’s […]

Kellys bake shoppe

5 Reason’s Why Kelly’s Bake Shoppe Should Be Your New Go To

Temptation is the dark voice from the back of your mind that crawls forth with each fudge filled how-to video you scroll past on Facebook. It chants in unison with your child as they beg for cookies until you finally crumble and think “ah, maybe I’ll have one too.” Thankfully at Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, pleasures are sans guilty.